Review of ‘Tracing Invisible Threads’ by C Fonseca

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‘Tracing Invisible Threads’ by C Fonseca is the story of Eleanor, a well-known photographer who has returned home to Melbourne after many years abroad. As well as spending time with her family, she has a burning desire to solve a mystery left after the death of her beloved aunt, Helen. Helen died in a natural disaster in China and her returned belongings included a trunk, with very old papers and photographs. Alexa Bellamy, a researcher and librarian at the state library is given the task of finding out what the papers and photos are and why Helen had them. When the two women begin to work together to solve the puzzle, an attraction grows, but are either of them ready for a serious relationship? Is Eleanor ready to stay in Australia – and is Alexa going to let herself believe she can be happy?

I loved the mystery within this…

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Luminous Gums

“She rose early after a restless night. With those magnificent trees fresh in her mind, she placed two 1520mm high by 900mm wide pieces of prepared board against the wall. After a rough sketch with a thirty-five millimetre flat brush, Andi set about covering the white space with forceful scrubbing brush strokes. Her movements were broad and fast, fevered. She worked on both canvases together, side by side.
The act of painting was so seductive—the application of the paint upon the wooden board and the mood her chosen colours evoked. Andi was in turmoil, and she painted frenetically and aggressively, more so than usual.
Once the boards were covered with heavy outline strokes, she rubbed them back with a piece of a sea sponge. She built the lighter verticals of the trunks using a broad, freestyle brush with white paint running through scarlet, raw sienna, Indian yellow, and a touch of ultramarine blue. For the seeping sticky gum and shaded areas, she used crimson, blue, and grey.Andi’s style reflected her love of strong colours. The Fauves, who used pure, brilliant colour directly from the tubes onto the canvas without using a palette for blending, had influenced her style. Andi laughed and looked at her exposed, paint-splattered arms and legs. She certainly resembled the Fauves, or wild beasts, today.
She ran a line of white along the sunlit side to define a tree. She was careful not to over brush, regularly cleaning the roller and thick bristles before picking up more paint. With a soft brush loaded with a few colours, she repeated her movement. Up, turn, and down to create the peeling bark. Up, turn, and down to darken one side of the tree and lighten the other. Finally, capturing the character of each tree with subtle pinks and vibrant earth colours.
Andi pushed away from the wall where the two canvases now sat. She’d achieved what she wanted—a long, unbroken line of tree trunks. This was her representation of the majestic giants.”

Excerpt From: Where the Light Plays by C. Fonseca 2016.


Dappled light across her body
Flawless and golden
Marbled by the trickling rays
dancing across her skin
enticing me, tempting me…
out of my comfort zone
seductively captivating
in her innocence

This body, her body
That arranges itself against me
like it is home
Embraces me, welcomes me…
I am gladly received into
her everyday
There is nothing
ordinary about her
Or about my own emerging
in her presence
Intoxicating, dynamic, powerful

Copyright © 2016 by C. Fonseca

Tracing Invisible Threads

Family secrets, strange coincidences and a journey of discovery through Victoria’s gold rush country are woven into this evocative, opposites-attract, romantic suspense.

Globe-trotting photographer Eleanor Heysen is back home in Melbourne. A family mystery leads her to a collection of old photographs and the State Library. Here she meets the self-assured picture collections manager Alexa Bellamy.

Stolen kisses between the stacks give way to their evolving connection. However, when the curious Eleanor shakes Alexa’s family tree…dark secrets tumble out.

Alexa is overwhelmed by her broody, spirited, and fleeting admirer. The fear and betrayal stirred up from the truth about Alexa’s ancestors, leaves her in emotional free-fall.

The invisible thread that drew the women to each other is in danger of unravelling.

Will it be strong enough to keep them together?

Also available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iTunes from March 31, 2021.

Food for Love

A lesbian romance about how nourishment is so much more than the food we eat.

When Jessica Harris flies home to Australia to sort out her late brother’s estate, the last thing she wants to face is his altruistic investment—an eatery on the rural Bellarine Peninsula.

The injured British/Indian elite cyclist just wants to settle up, move on, get rehab, and certainly not have to deal with the restaurant’s beautiful owner and artisan foodie, Lillian McAllister, or her sweet, four-year-old daughter.

In order to win, Jessica’s disciplined life is dedicated to controlling her emotions, and she isn’t sure she’d survive letting her walls down now.

Also available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iTunes.

Where the Light Plays

Two headstrong women from different worlds share a love of food, art, and the beach, sparking an opposites-attract lesbian romance with a slow burn as exquisite as its gorgeous Surf Coast setting.

Dr. Caitlin Quinn, a sophisticated, self-assured Irish art historian, arrives in Australia to work but ends up enjoying Australia’s local scenery—especially sun-kissed artist Andi Rey.

Andi, an impassioned artist, grounded by her family and a beautiful life spent on the Surf Coast of Victoria, is entirely focused on her first solo exhibition. That is, until the addictive Caitlin turns up and ignites a storm of longing.

Is their attraction enough to overcome career expectations, rising tension, and culture clashes? Can two such different people have a future together?

Also available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iTunes.