Coastal life and creative inspiration intersect …

Conchita is an Australian author and artist who writes contemporary lesbian fiction that explores the vibrancy and diversity of Australia’s culture.

She lives in a Victorian seaside town with her wife and their Burmese cats, on the edge of 240 kilometres of awe-inspiring coastline called the Great Ocean Road. With its golden surf beaches and towering limestone cliffs, lush ancient rainforests and national parks it is the home of kangaroos, echidna, koalas and the most amazing variety of bird life. Conchita lives and breathes the diverse landscape every day; it provides a perfect backdrop for her writing and other creative pursuits.

Of Indian, Portuguese and French heritage, Conchita went to school in regional Victoria, then completed a four year chef’s apprenticeship and management certificate. She pursued a career as an executive chef for many years, but the long hours, stressful environments and challenges after a motor vehicle accident led her down a different fork in the road. Oh, she still loves good food—which is reflected in her writing—but now subjects her cooking experiments on family and friends only.

You will often find Conchita at a cliff-top platform overlooking the ocean, daydreaming, plotting and planning her next adventures. When the light fades, she heads home to write contemporary fiction for Ylva Publishing.

If you enjoy stories with evocative settings, descriptive narrative and believable, engaging characters, look for Conchita’s books online or ask for them at your local library and bookstore.